• Reservation process

    1. Select the preferred training camp
    2. Preferred dates
    3. Make sure you have read the information regarding your chosen camp and the different offers
    4. Please email us at info@zoomcamps.com for any enquires or questions
    5. Fill out the reservation form including the following information

    • Chosen camp
    • Preferred dates
    • Personal details of who is booking the reservation
    • Information regarding each athlete
    • If possible, include any web links to videos of the athletes skiing (for example Youtube)
    • Specify the selected options (hotel, transfer)


    6. OR please email us to reserve@zoomcamps.com with all the details above
    7. Once your booking is completed, you will receive confirmation via email
    8. To ensure reservation of the booking, a payment of 50% of the total amount is required by bank transfer
    9. The other 50% must be paid before the start of the camp